Did We All Have A Good Christmas ?

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Ailunce HD 1 and Retevis RT80

I did, when I managed to stay awake that was, my sleep is terrible at the moment, I can sleep fine all the day just not at night, maybe a bit of insomnia, time you could say to play with the radio, sadly not, if I’m up I’m usually playing flight simulator or advertising listings on eBay or updating my website, funnily enough its 4.40am and I’m writing my first blog post here on my ham radio website.

Sadly nothing this year that was radio related, what did you get ? what did your partner get you ? Not that I’m jealous, just wondering.

Do I go back to bed, or do I stay up ? what would you do ? answers on a postcard lol.

73s, Good morning or night!

Lawrie Richardson

Lawrie Richardson

Licenced since July 2007: Ham Radio Operator, Photographer, Web Designer and Blogger.

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Lawrie Richardson

Lawrie Richardson


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