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Amateur Radio in Plymouth

Although the concrete jungle makes communications difficult, what with local radio users, plasma TV’s, Military comms and microwave links, it is still possible to get a signal out even if its just 10w. I love QRP so its usually 5w or less). 

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Ham Radio Info

The basics, all hams should know. 


Amateur Radio, the basics is to welcome new comers into our hobby and help them if we can.


Everyone you speak to on the Amateur Bands, like you have to earn a licence before operating on the bands and modes.


The equipment we use can if in the wrong hands be lethal, this is why training is required.


In 2007, when I got my licence, there were 60,000 UK Radio Hams, they have ran out of M3 and M6 and are now using M7 callsigns.

The price for the licence is free, however you will need to join a radio club and then pay to take the exam, this includes training. 

Take a look here to find your nearest club.

In a way it is, as in you use radio waves to communicate, but also us radio amateurs have access to analogue and digital communications, HF VHF and UHF too, plus the range is not that of just being local, we can and do communicate all over the World and into space. 

No, not at all, the foundation exam where you begin is mostly common sense, although does include some basic technical stuff, all of which will be explained to you when you take your training.

Not ulike when I first trained, you can now buy a brand new handheld for less than the cost of your radio exam, it will offer you a range of 5+ miles or more if using a repeater. 


Plymouth, Devon

Local Comms

+ 2m VHF: 145.350
+ PMR446: CH 7 (No CTCSS)

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